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I recognize the potential in each one of my students. With my communicative competence I have been able to provide my students in The Hague with better grades and/or better results in their exams. 

Since I started working as a tutor in 2015 the achievements of my students and their work performed in language exams (A1 to C2) are the evidence for a coherent teaching concept. 

In my work as a German language teacher, I follow a holistic philosophy. I firmly believe that every student has individual needs and learning styles that need to be taken into account. And very important: every lesson focuses on the learning objective anew.

Therefore, I emphasise a communicative approach that focuses on the practical application of the language. My aim is to give my students the ability to express themselves authentically and confidently in German, both in everyday life and in professional situations. In doing so, I integrate cultural aspects to promote a comprehensive understanding of the German language and culture. Through active participation, critical thinking and individual attention, I strive to realise each student's full potential and guide them on their path to language success.

I am a patient, flexible and experienced language teacher, eager to help you achieve your goals.  If it's not fun, you won't learn it. That's why my philosophy is: having fun while learning German is the be-all and end-all!

Call me today and let’s start learning together!

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