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My philosophy

I recognize the potential in every one of my students. With my communicative teaching approach, I have always been able to help my students in The Hague area achieve better grades and/or pass an exam. Since I started working as a private teacher in 2015, my students' achievements and passed language exams (A1 to C2) are the best proof that my teaching concept works.

I follow a holistic philosophy in my work as a German language teacher. I firmly believe that every student has individual needs and learning styles that need to be taken into account. My lessons always focus on the learning goal of each individual client. I attach great importance to a communicative approach that emphasises the practical use of the language. My aim is to give my students the ability to express themselves authentically and confidently in German, both in everyday life and in professional situations. In doing so, I integrate cultural aspects to promote a comprehensive understanding of the German language and culture. Through active participation, critical thinking and individual attention, I strive to realise each student's full potential and guide them on their path to language success.

We are all patient, flexible and experienced language teachers, always ready to help you achieve your goals. If it's not fun, you won't learn it. That's why our philosophy is: having fun while learning German is the be-all and end-all!
                                 Get in touch with me today and let's learn together!



After finishing my German studies in Rostock, Germany in 2006 I studied on top German as a foreign language at the Goethe Institut to become a tutor. 

In the meantime, I have also brought on board a small but fine team of highly qualified German teachers. Of course, we are all native speakers with a huge passion for the German language and culture and plenty of teaching experience behind us. Amongst us are also examiners at the Goethe - Institut who can therefore offer you excellent help with your exam preparation.

Me and my team offer customized tuition for an affordable fee. The lessons will be coordinated with your learning target. During those lessons you will experience the german language in a relaxed atmosphere while enjoying yourself. Our tuition is individually based on your needs: mornings, noons, evenings, online, in cafés or museums. Wherever and whenever you would like to immerse yourself in the german language. 

Contact me to find out what we can do for you!



Our courses offer diversity and interactive learning in a supportive community. Benefit from professional guidance from qualified teachers while you develop in an inspiring environment. 

Our group training not only offers you the opportunity to improve your language skills but also to make new friends and become part of a lively language community.


Our programme is aimed at anyone who would like to prepare for a German exam. Our experienced Goethe examiners offer targeted support for effective preparation. With their expertise, you will gain valuable insights and tips to successfully demonstrate your language skills and obtain your certificate. With us, you can achieve any language level from A1 to C2.


We specialize in one-to-one tuition and we know how to get our students to perform at their best with individual attention, patience and practice. For us, o2o stands for individual support and customized learning content that enables effective learning and rapid progress.

Learning should also be fun. That's why we prepare a wide range of exciting and varied activities.

Teaching is a skill, but teaching well is an art that few can master.


"Kathi`s German lessons are one of the best language lessons I have ever taken. She is an amazing teacher and has a very informal and friendly approach which I very much appreciate. This is also influenced by the fact that the lessons take place at her home which is (in my opinion) much more pleasant than having the lessons in a language school.
What I also really appreciate is that she takes the time to explain everything and really adapts the pace of the lessons to everyone. I am very glad that I have chosen Kleine Deutschstunde and can highly recommend."


"Since the 2023 summer holidays, we have been looking for a way for our 13-year-old son to have additional German lessons. After researching on the internet, we came across Die Kleine Deutschstunde. After the first contact with the owner, Mrs Ellermann, everything went smoothly. Within a few days, our son had a teacher who not only taught him the language but also motivated him to continue learning. The teacher recommended textbooks and gives homework after each online lesson, which is then discussed in the next lesson. After three months, we can now say that things couldn't be going better. Our son is learning with enthusiasm and is making significant progress. Many thanks to Die Kleine Deutschstunde!"


"Kathi is a very bright, motivated and encouraging teacher. She is very patient and always has many ideas to make learning German fun and interesting, at the same time focusing on the exact needs of the students. 

I would highly recommend Kathi as a tutor for students of any level."


"Kathi has helped me significantly improve my German skills in all areas - writing, speaking and listening - over the last few months.

She has taken the time to really get to know me and understand where I have difficulties and has helped me to develop much better (and faster) than I would have done on my own or in a group.

Above all, she is just a great, lovely person who is flexible with her time and sticks to my schedule (which is often chaotic). It is such a pleasure to be with her and to socialise with her.

I highly recommend Kathi - she is a fantastic teacher and I look forward to continuing this journey with her!"


"I would really like to recommend Kathi as a German teacher; she has been doing an excellent education for me so that I could reach my goal. She is as goal oriented as me and has a wide knowledge in teaching German. I was really happy to work together with Kathi. Without her I couldn`t pass the B2 German exam. If you are looking for a German teacher contact Kathi. It is a lot of fun to learn German with Kathi. Just try it out!"





"Dear Kathi, You have been my teacher in German for the last one and half year. You have been always very patient and helpful. You found good ideas to make the lessons interesting. Still remember the great cooking lesson!!!Without you it wouldn`t be possible to pass my B2 exams in German. I would definitely recommend you to everybody that wants to learn German in The Hague, younger or older. Thank you again so much for your help!"


"I took private lessons with Kathi. Her lessons were very informative and also very entertaining. I highly recommend her German lessons!"



Weimarstraat 34 The Hague Netherlands 2562 GZ

(+31) 624 17 43 79

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